The installation has also been improved. You can now use plex-atv-installer on your Linux or OSX box.

Installing using the installer:

  • Download the installer here:…/zipball/master
  • Unzip it
  • Open and enter the plex-atv-installer directory
  • update: if you have an older version installed, first run
./ remove
  • Run
./ -b beta install

to install the beta.

Note: if your Apple TV is not named ‘Apple-TV.local’ and if you have changed your login password on the atv you need to check the usage of Plex ATV Installer here:…aster/

  • Done!

Installing manually:

  • SSH into your ATV
  • Run
  • Run
dpkg -i com.plexapp.repo.beta_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb
  • Run
apt-get update

If you have an older version installed please remove it first:

dpkg -r com.plex.client-plugin
  • Run
apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin
  • Run
killall AppleTV
  • Done!

Known issues:

  • Some high profile H264 MKV’s will not play back on ATV. There seem to be something that the transcoder does here that is not working out for the Apple TV.
  • Badges in the bookcase doesn’t work correctly.
  • The devs have seen, in some cases,  a serious issue with network connectivity disappearing from the atv. But they haven’t been able to say for certain it’s because of plex-atv, it might be the jailbreak for 4.4.4 instead.

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