appletv2OBS detta funkar bara på Windows än så länge!!!

Börja med att ladda ner detta:

- Apple TV 4.4.4 9A406A Firmware (
- Seas0nPass 4.4.4 (
- iFaith 1.4.2 for Windows (
- Total Commander (


Part 1 - Saving SHSH Blobs (Deviced Plugged)


Step 1: Launch iFaith choose "Dump SHSH Blobs"
Step 2: Proceed by following the on screen prompts, don't plug in device until prompted.
Step 3: Follow the process to Enter DFU Mode and retrieve the SHSH Blobs. Let the process complete before touching anything. Close iTunes if it starts automatically, although it won't change anything if you leave it open.
Step 4: When prompted to choose a Save Location, save the new SHSH Blob to a designated folder on your Desktop, where you saved the rest of the support files to initially.
Step 5: Disconnect the Apple TV for the time being.


Part 2 - Building Signed Firmware Revision (Device Unplugged)


Step 1: Return to iFaith and Choose "Build *signed* IPSW w/ Blobs" and follow the on screen prompts.
Step 2: Select "Browe for SHSH Blobs cache" and open the SHSH Blob file we had saved in Part 1 of this guide.
Step 3: Choose "Browse for the iOS 4.4.4 (9A406a) IPSW" and open the Apple TV Firmware file that was saved initially.
Step 4: Wait, then click "Build IPSW" when prompted.
Step 5: Once it's done Saving the File to your Desktop, it will say "Done building IPSW" in the header, DO NOT CLICK the "Proceed" button, close the program instead.


Part 3 - Build Custom Firmware with Seas0nPass (Device Unplugged)


Step 1: Launch Seas0nPass, and Click "Create IPSW"
Step 2: Wait for Seas0nPass to finish downloading and modifying the IPSW from Apple, this will take a few minutes at least.
Step 3: Once you see "Waiting for device to enter DFU mode..." it means that this part of the procedure is done, close Seas0nPass.


Part 4 - Modify Image Files with Total Commander (Device Unplugged)


Step 1: Create a New Folder within the Folder that was created at the beginning of this guide, name it "Finish".
Step 2: Drag the Seas0nPass Firmware file (located within the My Documents -> Seas0nPass folder) that was created in Part 3 of the procedure into the Total Commander shortcut Icon located on your Desktop.
Step 3: On the Right Side of the Total Commander window, navigate to the "Finish" folder we created in Step 1 of this part of the procedure. The desktop can usually be found under the "Users -> [Login Name] -> Desktop" folder tree.
Step 4: Drag the two DMG files from the Left Side of the Total Commander window to the “Finish” folder on the right side, agree to any prompts.
Step 5: Close Total Commander, then drag the iFaith Signed IPSW located on your Desktop into the Total Commander shortcut icon, reopening the application.
Step 6: Drag the two DMG files that were previously moved to the right side of the window in Step 4, into the Firmware Archive on the left side of the window.
Step 7: Allow it to Overwrite, agree to any on screen prompts and wait for it to finish writing.
Step 8: Once complete, close Total Commander, you now have a signed Firmware File on your Desktop.


Part 5 - Flash Signed Jailbroken Firmware to Device (Device Plugged)


Step 1: Launch iFaith Once Again and plug Apple TV back into Micro USB.
Step 2: Choose "Use DFU Pwner (iREB)" and Follow on screen prompts.
Step 3: Your device has now been forced into DFU Recovery Mode, agree to proceed and then Close iFaith.
Step 4: Launch iTunes and wait for it to recognize Apple TV device.
Step 5: Hold the SHIFT key, Press the "Restore" button in iTunes.
Step 5: Open the Jailbroken Signed Firmware File that was previously saved to your Desktop named something like "00000XXXXXXXXXX_iFaith_Apple_TV_2-4.4.4 (9A406a)_signed.ipsw" and wait for iTunes to flash the device.

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